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Let's Walk the Red Carpet

World film festivals have an old tradition - the red carpet. Dolled-up celebrities sweep along it, adorned with the most expensive diamonds and dressed in the least comfortable clothes. Reports from these events are an encyclopedia of human vanity and megalomania. All of this is an integral part of the commercialism of the cinema.

Amateur film making is not meant for sale. It‘s meant to be given as a present. Maybe that is why it goes without all this noise and fireworks. Still, a little action won't hurt anybody — actually, quite the opposite- it will popularise this kind of cinema.

That's why the 74th UNICA festival in Rousse will open with a festive procession which will end on the red carpet in front of the cameras of the paparazzi. Don't take it seriously. Just enjoy yourselves.

UNICA delegates in national costumes.Everybody will gather at 7 pm on 25 August 2012 at the east end of the central pedestrian zone. The town's brass band and cheerleaders will lead the line. Each national delegation will be marked by a signboard carried by a volunteer cooperator. It
would be great if one or more of the participants would dress in a traditional garment or wear elements of it. Small national flags or bigger banners (if there‘s no problem with the transportation) are recommended.

The centre of the festival is 300 meters away. The line will be arranged in alphabetical order. The entrance in the hall will happen in the same order. Of course, the pictures on the red carpet are a must. So is the unrestrained applause for every bright idea. And there will be such ideas for sure, since film makers are full of them.

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Photo Credits:
Group picture taken at UNICA in Korea by Reg Lancaster and used with permission.
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