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How to Reserve a Congress Card (ticket)

UNICA screenings are free. The Congress Card includes both excursions, plus the opening and the closing banquets. It costs 200 Euro until 30th June 2012. After that it costs 210 euros. You can book each of the excursions and banquets separately - see the application form for details.

We suggest you do not try to send money - an expensive process because banks charge for the transfer and exchange of currencies. Instead please pay in Euros when you arrive. But you still need to reserve your Congress Cards in advance.

Download the reservation form as a Word document here

Download the reservation form as a pdf document here

How to Get to RUSE / ROUSSE / РУСЕ

The city's name is written in three ways. ("Pyce" uses the European standardised format for transcribing Cyrillic script.)

Ruse is a city, accessible to all means of transport - by land, air and water. It's a port on the right bank of the Danube. Your yacht can festively moor on the quay. The bridge over the river is for cars and trains coming from the North (West, Central and East Europe). To the South the connection is with the Black Sea, Greece and the Near East. The capital - Sofia - is 300 km away.

The most convenient option is, of course, to come by plane. For this purpose there are two airports in the capital of Romania — Bucharest. The distance between Bucharest and Ruse is 70 km and we are ready to help you cross it quickly and conveniently.

What to do?
  1. Book a ticket. Note that the old airport for low cost flights is called Baneasa, and the new one — "Henri Coanda" Otopeni.

  2. If you‘re flying to Bucharest on 24 or25 August 2012 send a message with your name, the flight number and time of arrival by e-mail to [email protected] or by post to- BG 7000, Rousse p.c. 365.
    This books a seat in a bus. You will receive confirmation by return. The anticipated price is 15 Euro.

  3. We offer you the same service for your return on 2nd September 2012.

  4. If you are planning on flying on other days we again can help you by ordering a taxi for a preferential anticipated price of 45 Euro. You can send a message to the same addresses as in p. 2.
Our representatives will be awaiting you at the Bucharest airport with a sign UNICA and will accompany you to the centre of the festival.

Festival Venue
The festival centre is in the Ruse Theatre complex, which is situated at the perfect centre of the city. The station, the bus station, and the port are 15 minutes walking from the centre, and all the hotels offered are 2 to 10 minutes from the theatre.

Bulgaria and Romania are part of the EU and guests outside of it should have passports and visas.

To the adherents of complete freedom who do not wish to take advantage of the above recommendations we wish good luck but leave them to deal with their own problems.

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Aerial view of Ruse port.

Sketch map of Bucarest to Ruse.

Aerial view of the theatre.


Red Carpet




Jan Essing Report

Mr. Schober

Bulgarian prices

The Friendship Bridge over the Danube.

Photo Credit:
The Friendship Bridge across the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria by Cameltrader.
Photo sourced from Wikipedia and used under the Creative Commons scheme:
C reative Commons licence.

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